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Jul 08,  · iPhone Case Collection! + Links on where to buy! The silent/vibrate switch on the iPhone 4 is placed higher than the iPhone 4S switch, just for future reference when purchasing cases! High quality Odd Future inspired iPhone Cases & Covers by independent artists and designers from around the world. Dress up your phone with awesomely original iPhone cases & covers from Redbubble. They’re durable enough to prevent breakage, yet slim and lightweight. Choose from hard or soft cases featuring super-bright, high-quality prints that won’t fade. aqminkirana.ml: odd future iphone cases. () iPhone 6S () [in] Odd Future Donut Logo. $ $ 7. FREE Shipping. Custom iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Case (OFWGKTA Odd Future Donut of Wolf Gang) Edge-to-Edge Plastic Black Cover with Shock and Scratch Protection | Lightweight, Ultra-Slim | Includes Stylus Pen by INNOSUB.

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Apple can't make iPhone 4 units fast enough to satisfy demand, even with woeful stories of antenna problems and the potential of a smashed phone. To get the most from your iPhone, it's pretty clear you need to pop it into a case or protective screen of some sort.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 4 Case Program has ended, which means Apple isn't giving out any more free cases. We wrapped each case around an iPhone 4 and worked out which ones are duds and which are winners. What we liked: sports fanatics who can't bear to be without their iPhone 4 can use this neoprene arm band to carry their phone and music with them.

Encasing the iPhone 4 entirely in a snug sleeve, antenna issues are a non-factor, although you could conceivably do the screen some damage if you tripped the wrong way.

What we hated: it feels distinctly like having a sphygmomanometer wrapped around your upper arm, with the weight of the iPhone 4 behind it. What we liked: the Grip Vue is, like Cygnett's very similar SecondSkin, a silicone case that pops on and off the iPhone 4 easily. Unlike the SecondSkin, it's essentially a clear case rather than a cloudy one, odd future iphone 4 cases. Our review sample was entirely clear, but tinted blue and purple cases are also an option.

What we hated: like the other silicone cases, it's pretty ugly compared to the iPhone 4 itself. What we liked: the Grip Ergo has a wavy contoured pattern on the back that makes it very easy to grip, odd future iphone 4 cases.

It also comes with a hand strap that connects lanyard-style to the case but not the phone. The chances of dropping your iPhone 4 would thus have to be pretty remote. It's available in clear, blue and black variants — our review sample was the very dark black version. What we hated: it doesn't leave the iPhone 4 looking much like an iPhone 4 when it's placed on. The hand strap isn't adjustable, so it's still a potential snatch and grab risk.

What we liked: like screen overlays from time immemorial, Belkin's ClearScreens offer three razor thin slivers of plastic, designed to protect your iPhone 4's screen from scratches and grit.

What we hated: like screen overlays from time immemorial, they can be very tricky to get on without bubbles and grit forming under them. Get it right and they look good and protect well. Get it wrong, and it looks like you just fished your iPhone 4 out of a bin. What we liked: the Shield Eclipse is like the weird mutant child of Belkin's own soft Grip Vue on the sides, odd future iphone 4 cases, matched up with the hard plastic of Cygnett's Frost case, odd future iphone 4 cases.

Except only half the back is frosted, so you can still show off the Apple logo on the rear. What we hated: the Shield Eclipse really buries the mute switch, making it tough to use. It's a very odd mix of styles indeed, odd future iphone 4 cases, and one which we're not sure will appeal to too many iPhone 4 users. It completely covers the screen save for a small window through which you can see the current time or caller ID.

For those worried about an iPhone 4 surviving in a bulging briefcase, this could be a very good case option. What we hated: it's completely impossible to operate the iPhone 4 with it in the Verve Pull case in any real way. Removing it from the case involves pulling the Velcro-tipped tab at the back, but this is a slow and fiddly procedure that'll lead to lots of missed calls.

What we liked: in terms of what you get in the box, it's hard to look past the FastFit. It's a fully sealed iPhone case with a back clip. And an armband. With a capsule holder that slots on and can be used to loop your headphones around. What we hated: it doesn't look that great, and the plastic screen on the case makes the iPhone screen much less responsive than most other cases.

Verdict: good for those who want to use a case in lots of different scenarios, but not a great case by itself. What we liked: from the front, the Grip Edge looks much like any other black plastic case. The buttons work well and it covers the dreaded antenna areas well.

Flip it over and you find a small leather pad on the back that's among the most comfortable to hold we've tested. What we hated: there's no subtle way to put this. The Grip Edge makes your iPhone's bum look big, because it makes it bigger. What we liked: the Grip Graphix is a basic silicon case with a dab of style; an embossed pattern that sways across the back of the case in vivid blue, purple or black tones. If you want a case that stands out and demands to be noticed, you could do worse.

What we hated: the design totally overtakes the iPhone 4 design, leaving it not much more than a screen. What we liked: from the front the molecule case looks like any other silicone bumper-style case. Its selling point is that the back is perforated with over a hundred tiny holes.

Coloured inserts are provided, so you can change the two-tone effect on the back at whim. As with most of Cygnett's cases, a gloss screen protector is also provided.

What we hated: odd future iphone 4 cases molecule touts its "talcy" feel as a selling point, but talc aids in lubrication, making this a slightly slippery casing.

The colour change ability only applies to the back, and how much time do you really spend staring at the back of your iPhone 4? What we liked: Cygnett's OpticClear protectors have a matte finish, reducing the screen glare, odd future iphone 4 cases this is less of a problem on the iPhone 4's retina display than on many mobiles. The pack contains three front covers and one back cover, along with a cleaning cloth and smoothing card.

What we hated: like most screen protectors, getting the OpticClear protectors on can be a challenge to your sanity, unless you like on-screen bubbles. The matte finish also changes the resistance on the screen, odd future iphone 4 cases. This doesn't affect usability, but does feel quite odd compared to the regular slick screen.

What we liked: the Frost is a hard odd future iphone 4 cases case available in a variety of tints. Our odd future iphone 4 cases sample was a dark purple colour that all but odd future iphone 4 cases the Apple logo on the back of the phone if you're not fond of Apple branding. Like other Cygnett cases, a screen protector is provided.

It's also very slim indeed, odd future iphone 4 cases, adding around 1mm to each side of the phone. What we hated: this is a solid hard case that would take the impact of a drop, but not disperse it in the way a soft case could. What we liked: the Prism is all but identical to the SecondSkin case, in that it's a clear case with blue and red tint variants but with an etched pattern on the back.

It's good for covering signal woes and covers the volume buttons without impeding their use. What we hated: the etched pattern is an absolutely aesthetic choice.

Some thought it looked neat, while others commented that it made it look like the back of the case had mould growing up it. What we liked: the Glam case lives up to its name, with a glossy patent leather finish — ours was a odd future iphone 4 cases purple and pink — that folds out attractively and does an excellent job of physically protecting the front and back of the iPhone 4. What we hated: the Glam is unusual in iPhone 4 case odd future iphone 4 cases in that it doesn't cover the antenna points where you can affect signal strength, although you would have to hold it quite oddly to achieve this.

More problematic was the button cover, which is quite loose. We found we often had to jab hard at the button to get it to push down enough on the real button for response. What we liked: the SecondSkin is Cygnett's take on a silicone case. They're as simple as cases get, odd future iphone 4 cases. Just a bit of frosted white rubbery material that slips on or off the iPhone easily, and doesn't interfere with the phone operation in any significant way.

It also comes with a screen protector to be applied separately. What we hated: like most silicone skins, it's pretty darned ugly. If you bought an iPhone 4 for the aesthetics, this ruins it. As with most rather light cases, it's also light on the protection front, although it does cover the antenna issue nicely. What we liked: the Snaps Duo is a twin pack of Apple bumper-style cases, along with screen and back protectors, so it's theoretically easy to mix and match your bumper style to your mood.

They're easy to apply and totally cover the antenna area. What we hated: as with most silicone cases, there's a slick rubbery feeling to the sides that takes some getting used to. With only basic screen protectors on the front and back, there's also not a whole lot of protection going on odd future iphone 4 cases these cases. Verdict: good for those who want to mix and match, odd future iphone 4 cases, but not great on the protection front.

What we liked: the FlexGrip is Griffin's take on a standard silicone case, this time with a dark smoky finish. Like the other silicone cases, it's easy to take on and off and covers the naughty antenna blocking areas nicely. What we hated: like the other silicone cases, it's not much for enhancing the look of the iPhone 4, but it does make it quite a bit thicker.

What we liked: the Elan Form is a hard case with a leather back. This gives it rigidity and protection along with a modicum of grip. What we hated: it's tricky to get on and off. The hard back isn't that thick, and we wonder if a hard drop on a pointy enough object wouldn't just transfer the force through to the iPhone 4's backplate anyway.

What we liked: take the Elan Form, and replace the leather back with a graphite plastic one, and you've got the Elan Form Graphite. Essentially, it's a hard case in two parts. Verdict: a simple hard case, odd future iphone 4 cases, only slightly different in real-world use to the standard Form case, but at a price premium.

What we liked: just bought a new iPhone and want to show it off while protecting it? You may well get mugged, but the Reveal case is designed for you, with rubber bumper-style protection on the front and a totally clear back. It's also the only case in our round-up that's also part of Apple's free case promotion, if you're quick enough to take advantage of it.

What we hated: if you get a bit of grit trapped behind the back it shows up terribly rather than falling off or being obscured, but who spends serious time looking at the back of their phone? The tight grip also makes it a little tricky to remove if you need to.

What we liked: the Elan Holster is an exceptionally solidly built holster with a stiff belt clip, making it hard to drop the iPhone, and highly likely it'll survive if you do. At the same time, the design odd future iphone 4 cases it very easy to slip the iPhone 4 out for direct usage. What we hated: in making a protective case, Griffin's had to make it quite bulky. If you bought an iPhone 4 on the promise of its slim nature, this ruins that feature.

As a complete holster, it's also impossible to operate the iPhone while it's ensconced within the Elan Holster.


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Feb 16,  · Cats are getting lots of love online, and there is no band in the world that endorses the feline pets more than Odd Future. These Snap Cases were created by Incase exclusively for the OFWGKTA Carnival, yet they are back by popular demand at the Incase online shop. All three cases are suitable for Apple iPhone 4 and 4S smartphones, printed with the original cat graphics that are as . Odd Future. Starting as a hip hop collective out of Los Angeles, California, Odd Future or OFWGKTA is a group of rappers, musicians, artists, skateboarders and friends who have become synonymous with controversy all the while taking world by storm. It's a very odd mix of styles indeed, and one which we're not sure will appeal to too many iPhone 4 users. Verdict: a solid case with some very odd design decisions thrown in. Updated: March 8,